Virtual Advantage

Hello were are happy to announce a new range of hacks, cheats, aim bots,

exploits, hints VIP hacking website!
called Virtual Advantage. At virtual advantage you will find cheats for Bad Company 2 and soon battlefield 3
as well as many other first person shooter titles that are coming out and are already out, For intense the
bad company 2 hack is unbelievably accruate.
(Click For Video)
with new tweaks and updates all the time making it more and more powerful and reliable
for any type of gamer you are, From rage to small aim assistance, So if your the type of person who loves

to game with a little help or person who loves to make them newbs cry, Check out

Hack Features:
- No Spread
- No Shake
- Limit Angle
- Use Aim Key
- Prediction
- Visibility Check
- Aim Style (FOV, Distance, First in list)
- Aim Bone (Bone Scan, Head, Chest
- Aim on Enemy
- Max Distance
- Draw Targed Info

3D Radar:
- Bounding Box
- Player Name ESP
- Show Friendly
- Show Enemy
- Max Distance

2D Radar:
- Show Radar
- Show Cross
- Show Window
- Show Dot
- Show Friendly
- Show Enemy
- Stick To Window
- Radar Scale

- Crosshair
- No Sky/Fog
- Show Your HP

- Customizable Aim Key

- Save settings
- Load settings