Modern Warfare 3 shifts fewer copies than Black Ops

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Modern Warfare 3 publishers Activision have been banging on about how their latest face-shooter has made more money than the GDP of a small country – but it seems it’s shifted fewer units than its predecessor, Call of Duty: Black Ops.

According to Eurogamer, Modern Warfare 3 has sold “just under” two million copies in the UK – 1.6 per cent less than Black Ops sold last year. Despite selling fewer units, Modern Warfare 3 has somehow made more money for Activision, bringing in £83.1 million for the uber publisher – 15 per cent more than Black Ops.

It also seems that these figures only account for PS3 and Xbox 360 copies of the game, so it’s unknown how much Activision have made from PC copies of the game – the majority of which are presumably downloads via Steam. We’re guessing many, many millions more though.

CONCLUSION: Battlefield 3 vs. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

This year witnessed one of the fiercest video game rivalries in years. You had EA taking on Activision’s juggernaut ...

Battlefield 3 vs. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

This year witnessed one of the fiercest video game rivalries in years. You had EA taking on Activision’s juggernaut, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 with Battlefield 3. Now that both games have released and the dust’s settled, we weigh in on who emerged victorious. 


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s campaign was short, but it was like an intense shot of adrenaline straight to the brain. Even though you know exactly what to expect from this series, after all these years, the single player still managed to impress. It also provided fans of the series with some much needed closure.

MW3 triumphs as far as single player is concerned
MW3 triumphs as far as single player is concerned

Battlefield 3’s campaign wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t too good, either. It constantly felt like it was trying to ape the Call of Duty series and while certain set-pieces (especially the whole Jet sequence) were impressive, there were segments that just felt boring.

Winner – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

While Modern Warfare 3’s single player was entertaining, multiplayer was pretty much a copy paste of older Modern Warfare games with a few new modes thrown in.  Killstreaks, something that started off as a nice way of rewarding skilled players today has become a highly imbalanced tool that can make the game frustrating for newcomers. In MW3, I hardly got shot; most of my deaths were caused through air strikes, chopper gunners or some Killstreak called in by the other team. I also think COD’s lone wolf attitude is its biggest drawback today and sadly, multiplayer is structured in such a way that it just rewards that style of play. Plus, the game needs to slow down; it’s way too turbo charged for its own good. I really can’t enjoy a game where my life span is not more than a few seconds.

MP in BF3 is a blast...literally!
MP in BF3 is a blast...literally!

The Battlefield series has always concentrated on team-based gameplay and this game is no different. Play well and you’re rewarded with perks that can be used, not just by you, but by your entire squad like the ability to sprint, carry more grenades and so on. Another thing that works great in Battlefield 3 is that it rewards players who aren’t very good at shooting as well. In MW3, if you can’t shoot fast, you’re dead. In BF3, you can take up a supporting role and provide your squad with ammunition or health. Besides that, if you work on your aerial skills, you can even dole out death with your chopper or jet. 

Winner – Battlefield 3

Modern Warfare 3 had some pretty impressive set-pieces, but there’s no denying the fact that this game looks crazy outdated. With the amount of money Activision makes with this series, you’d think they would invest in some new engine tech, but no, it’s the same engine you’ve experienced since years and I doubt it’s going to get upgraded anytime soon.

How can MW3 compete with such visuals?
How can MW3 compete with such visuals?

Battlefield 3, on the other hand made use of DICE’s new Frostbite engine and it is one of the best looking games of this generation, especially if you have a beefy rig to boot. The immersive factor is also greatly enhanced by some of the best in-game sound effects I’ve ever heard in a game, till date. 

Winner – Battlefield 3

Since I played both games on PC, I’ll be using the PC prices as my benchmark. The PC version of Battlefield 3 costs around Rs.1,500, while Modern Warfare 3 will set you back by Rs.3,000. If you’ve pre-ordered Battlefield 3, you’ll even get access to the Strike at Karkand DLC absolutely free, while with MW3 you get jack. In fact, Call of Duty Elite, Sledgehammer’s detailed stat tracking software hasn’t been released for the PC platform yet.

More bang for your buck
More bang for your buck

Winner – Battlefield 3

Besides the single player campaign and the multiplayer modes, both games featured additional modes. Battlefield 3 has its co-op mode that felt very similar to the campaign. Also for some reason, you could not team up with a friend unless he’s unlocked the same mission as you. Redundant indeed!

MW3 packs in more extras
MW3 packs in more extras

Modern Warfare 3, on the other hand has a bunch of co-operative Spec Ops missions, in addition to a new Horde mode both of which can be played solo and co-operatively. Plus the experience you earn in both game modes can be transferred to your versus profile making levelling up a lot easier.

Winner – Modern Warfare 3 

And the Winner is...

At the end of the day, Modern Warfare 3 is not a bad game; it’s just that we’ve seen the same content wrapped in the same package far too many times. Even though Battlefield 3 didn’t change its core gameplay, it presented it in a terribly attractive package. It also refined its multiplayer experience opening up its doors to accommodate newcomers as well. In our mind, it’s emerged victorious. 

Of course, if you disagree, you could state your winner in the comments below.



Weekend Hot Topic, part 2: Modern Warfare 3 vs. Battlefield 3

GameCentral readers debate the biggest issue facing video games today: is Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 batter than Battlefield 3?

Battlefield 3 - four-wheeled action

Battlefield 3 - four-wheeled action

Now that they're out and you've had time to play them we wanted to know which of the season’s big shooters is your favourite and why. How do the single-player, co-op, and multiplayer options stack up in each game and which is most important to you? What have you been most impressed with in each sequel and what don't you like?

For such a contentious subject the responses we got in were remarkably reserved and well considered, with most people agreeing that Modern Warfare 3 had the best single-player and co-op. Opinion was more split on multiplayer, although Battlefield 3 just edged it, compared to the more familiar thrills of its rival.

Split decision

After much playing with people on my friends list, it seems that Battlefield 3 has the edge over Modern Warfare 3 in the gameplay stakes. Multiplayer is good on both, but Modern Warfare 3 continues to be a run and gun dumb shooter. With Battlefield 3 encouraging good team play and better maps.

I always enjoy the campaign in Call Of Duty games and Veteran took me seven hours to complete (I’m getting old and reflexes are fading). So in short: best campaign: Modern Warfare 3, best multiplayer: Battlefield 3! It’s much better to swoop in on a chopper and drop off your mates than call in an airstrike off the back of a Killstreak. The only bad thing about Battlefield 3 online is the dodgy party system, and in that department Modern Warfare 3 has better matchmaking...

Newb warning

It just has to be Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3 has virtually nothing new. I'll not be buying a Call Of Duty game until they produce something worth playing. I can't believe the mindless sheep buying the same game every single year. They're all as near dammit identical.

There are so many I've asked that won't even try Battlefield, but the vast scale of the maps, array of different weaponry and classes, vehicles and scenery destruction and different ways to play will keep me entertained till the next one, hopefully in about four years’ time!

Try it guys, you may like it, but play with Battlefield mates if possible, no instructions or tutorial mean it's frustrating to newbs, and they may not be aware of ammo/health packs, spotting, etc.

No favourites

Am loving both Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3. I picked up Battlefield 3 first and was disappointed with the campaign and am having to push myself through it but I am loving the multiplayer, especially Rush. I then bought Modern Warfare 3.

Haven't tried the multiplayer yet as I wasn't a fan of it on either of the previous games but I love the campaign. It is everything I was wanting, especially from Battlefield 3... but now all I need to do is complete the Modern Warfare 3 campaign and complete the trilogy story so I can trade it in for Skyrim. That and Battlefield 3 multiplayer will last me for the next few months.

All about the multiplayer

I found Modern Warfare’s single-player and co-op campaigns superior to Battlefield 3’s without being particularly enjoyable, as I'm less fond of linear shooters. As a result it becomes about the multiplayer.

I'm not terribly good at online shooters, and so I much prefer the vehicle and team-based approach in Battlefield 3, which offers more tactical variety and still allows me to contribute to the squad even when I have a rubbish kill/death ratio. To be honest I wish they would ditch the kill/death stat altogether!

A new challenger

I would give this year’s crown to Battlefield 3, but to be honest it’s a battle of the overfamiliar and the deeply flawed. Modern Warfare 3 may well be the best one yet, I’m not saying it’s a bad game, but I personally have seen it all too many times before. I liked the campaign mode but once that was done my interest really started to dip.

Battlefield 3’s single-player was terrible and the co-op wasn’t much better but for me the multiplayer was a big step forward. Love the use of vehicles, but the maps do seem too big for the number of people in them. I guess this is proof that the PC version is the one to really get.

But let’s face it neither game is really pushing the genre forward is it? Maybe it needs a new challenger to really shake things up.

Two good games

I've played both Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 and for me Battlefield 3 comes out on top. Modern Warfare 3 is a very competent product and the campaign is very epic in scope and dynamic. Probably the best in the series for me, even though still unforgivably lacking campaign co-op. The multiplayer isn’t for me though and I feel the series hasn’t evolved one jot in years.

It’s quite literally the same game every year, which I think is the root of the current discontent with the game. Also the whole formula is feeling a bit dated now and dare I say soulless. I love the campaign in Battlefield 3, with the jet sequence far better than any of the C-130 Gunship sections in Modern Warfare.

I prefer the way it plays, movement feels more natural and realistic. The campaign’s not as long as was made out though, it has to be said. Co-op is great, but again should've been in the campaign also, but what can I say about the multiplayer? Awesome as ever. I just feel the game has a lot more soul than the other game. All in all I like both games this year a lot. They both have some good features, but also lacking key features too.

Zero sum

I’ve played both games and I’ve sold them both too. I don’t know why I got them in the first place to be honest because I knew what they’d be like and I wasn’t surprised. Modern Warfare 3’s story mode was good but I’d never want to play it again. Ditto any of the co-op missions once I’d played them once or twice. The multiplayer: I was bored after about my second match. Yes, they have changed some things but nothing that mattered to me.

As for Battlefield 3, the story mode was just embarrassing in the way it wanted to be Call Of Duty. Where was the pride of the series if it wasn’t to be the king of the hill but thinks the only way of doing that is by being exactly the same as the current monarch?

Co-op was a waste and multiplayer… well, it certainly kept me more interested than Modern Warfare 3’s but it’s not exactly a big change in itself is it? Anyone that’s played previous Battlefield games will find very little new here and that’s why I got rid of it. When a military shooter learns a new trick let me know, because neither of these do anything different.

Team play

I have both games on Xbox and have to say as package I'd say Modern Warfare 3 is better as it offers a better single-player and co-op experience, of which I was slightly disappointed with Battlefield 3, and has a fun multiplayer.

As a game though I think Battlefield 3 is better. With Modern Warfare 3 you sometimes feel on multiplayer that it's still a single-player game people are so worried about their kill/death ratio that sometimes you’re forced to think and look after yourself. People don’t seem to want to communicate either. All I like to look for is someone to tell me whether they have spotted an enemy or if they have left an area we have been holding up. In that way I’ll stop having so many deaths from being shot in back as I thought one of my team was watching that area. It's also frustrating when you shoot a target and someone comes along and takes the kill to take all the points and you get rewarded near to nothing for suppressing and hitting the target.

Battlefield 3 though is completely different in multiplayer, you can spot targets using the Back button, and get awarded points for your teamwork involvement as well as kills. I played a game of Conquest and on a run before dying we had our team set out in a convoy of tanks and jeeps with someone in helicopter providing air support and troops on foot being mechanics or medics. We took the first marker together then split into two for the others. If we came under attack we decided that one person would repair the tank, either gunner on tank or troops on foot, while one would heal that person if the tank was taking hits.

When I eventually died others needed some ammo so I changed class and my role in the team then changed. Everyone had their role to play, everyone got rewarded for their role and we were unstoppable. You just don't get that same experience with Modern Warfare 3 and it's a good enough experience that makes the other modes a distraction as every multiplayer game might have similar objectives but the outcome of the game is never the same and is dependent on the role you take up for your team.

To answer the question of which is best I can't, they both are enjoyable, offer something different and have their flaws but I do know you would be silly to choose one over the other when you can just enjoy both.

The things I hope to change with Call OfDuty is set it a bit more in the future, which enables more inventive weapons in a Perfect Dark sort of way, as it feels like we have been playing with the same weapons but just starting at square one again and again.

Also incorporate a points system for the team, not just the individual, maybe have a Team Streak system where if your team get so many kills without someone dying you get rewards. With Battlefield can we have some new game modes to choose from now, better textures on the weapons and please, please more than 24 players. As GC said it just doesn't utilise the maps the way it should do, I'd be happy to never have a single-player with Battlefield if it meant more players for multiplayer.

For both games please give people who don't have all the time in the world to play a different way to get weapons and upgrades. I'm sure the points I earn in a game could be then put into credits for me to purchase the weapons and upgrades that I actually want.

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7 Reasons Why Battlefield 3 is Improving:

Since the official release, DICE has listened to our feedback and tracked our Battlefield 3 issues. Here's some of the big ones:


Status: Improved!

DICE: "Since we rolled out the server patch yesterday, we have seen a big increase in quick match functionality on consoles. You should now be able to join a quick match the majority of times without any issues. However, please make sure to check that you are matched against servers in your own region by following this guide for the console server browser. If not, this could potentially have a negative impact on lag and rubber banding. We will keep working on improving the quick match stability and reliability further."

Status: Fix pending in the very near future

DICE: "Some people have experienced difficulties joining and staying in squads on console. We have identified the cause of this problem and will hopefully have a fix ready to roll out very soon. You should then be able to stay together in your squad throughout the game. Please follow this guide for how to create and join squads prior to starting a match, which is the quickest and most reliable way to make sure you play with the right people in the right game. We will return tomorrow with an update on when this fix is live."

Status: Improved!

DICE: "We know you love your hardcore mode. We have identified and eliminated the problem that made our hardcore servers disappear after being live for a set period of time. You should now find plenty of Hardcore servers to join."

Status: Fix just rolled out. We are positive this will improve the situation. Help us verify by playing Caspian Border and Tehran Highway on Conquest!

DICE: "Some users are experiencing lag and rubber banding, mostly tied to Conquest mode on Tehran Highway and Caspian Border. This was due to a bug in the network code that has been identified and eliminated in today’s console server patch, resulting in a big improvement in these cases. For PC, this issue was improved in an earlier server patch.

Status: Fix pending in the very near future

DICE: "Some players, mostly in the US, may have had their default region setting in the server browser set to Europe, which would lead to unnecessary lag and rubber banding. This would incorrectly also affect your quick match attempts. This will be fixed shortly. You can still manually use the server browser and set the desired server region to any region you want. You might also want to follow this guide for how to best take advantage of the features in the console server browser. That way, you have total control over what game mode and map to join, and on what server."

Status: Greatly improved!

DICE: "In today’s server patch, we also made numerous fixes to the overall game stability, including the elimination of two of the most frequent game crashed we have seen reports on. You should see an increase in game stability from now on."

Status: Fix pending in the very near future

DICE: "Since the launch of Battlefield 3, Origin have implemented a host of improvements and will continue to do so as long as gamers are playing Battlefield 3. The next Origin update is scheduled for early November and includes a number of critical updates that will fix most of the problems that people have experienced. For the latest updates, answers, and support from the Origin Team, please visit the Origin Help Center."

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer gameplay video unleashed

With the game which has its developers calling “the most anticipated game of all time,” there’s really no other claim for ultimate supremacy that the group can possibly hope to release for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 before its drop date next week – except some gameplay to back it up. And that’s what the folks at Sledgehammer Games have done, today, making the whole world jump back and toss the rest of the video games they purchased last month directly in the garbage. Have a peek at the gameplay video below and see if its your next go-to multiplayer murder-fest.

The trailer features no less than Michael Condrey, one of the co-founders of Sledgehammer Games, the promise of new games modes, new maps, and of course enhanced graphics beyond your wildest dreams. Mark Rubin, executive producer from Infinity Ward, also behind MW3, notes that many of the features feed into the philosophy “create your own Call of Duty.”

Kill Confirm

He’s also got some news on a wholly new feature that makes the game all the more real: Kill Confirm. When you kill someone in the real world, in a death match that can mean your brains or your glory, you’ve got to make sure the person you just shot is actually dead. Similarly, this new game mode has you needing to actually run up to the place where your enemy just fell to the ground to collect their dog tags to gain points for your team.

Inside that same gameplay, you have the ability to pick up tags from your own fallen teammate, this taking away the ability to do so from the person who just killed them. This is harsh! You still get experience points for the kill, and you’d get them if you pick up the tag, but if someone else does so first, you get denied! Picking up tags moves up the point counter for your team if you pick up the kills you initiated yourself on your opponents.

Team Defender

Another mode that appears to be straight up lifted from Golden Eye on the N64 is Team Defender, this game mode appearing very much to be like Capture the Flag, but instead of having the goal to move the flag to a certain safe winning point, your goal is to keep it as long as you can. The flag does not exist until the first person in the game is killed, at which point the flag is generated at that point, and transfers from person to person as they are killed and the next player picks the flag up. The longer you hold on to the flag, the more points your team earns.

User Generated Mode

You have the option of creating your own game mode for multiplayer in a set of variables called User Generated Mode. In here you can jump into any of the pre-set modes but with options galore including time limit, max health, number of lives, killcam, wave spawn delay, force respawn, headshots only, custom classes, and more! The entire multiplayer mode works with Call of Duty ELITE which allows you to check out scores of other groups online as well as post your own. But more than that, you can now post your Custom Modes online through ELITE as well, so anyone can choose your pre-set mode wherever they are!

Global Scale

Your adventure here in multiplayer mode will take you to a slew of new locations including downtown New York City, the mean streets of Paris, and the subways under London. Many locations parallel the places you visit in the single-player campaign, only modified slightly so that the maps are able to flow better for games in the multiplayer world.

Have a look at the video below and see the action in full-on blow your head of HD, and keep calling your local video game store to see if that delivery truck has arrived!