Hackreviews.com Not So Stupid

There is another blog running around claiming that Hackreviews.com is owned by AimJunkies and that they are trying to hide it and its a conflict of interest and yada, yada, yada, yada. Well to the regular readers of Hackreviews.com NO ONE ever hid that it was owned by the Phoenix Digital Group. The same ownership group that owns all the property's listed in their 10 cent blog and many, many, more. I find it funny that the one who is claiming we are hiding, is in fact the ones hiding behind a blog with no name or group attached to it. So that's where the truth lies. We are up front who we are and they hide anonymous behind a blog.

The Phoenix Digital Group acquired Hackreviews.com to provide a service to the consumer community and the cheat sites. HackReviews is a place where consumers can get unbiased reviews by independent reviewers and site visitors alike. Also cheat sites can promote their site and products. And if in the rare chance a unhappy customer posts in a personal review that is negative about them, interface to remedy the issue.

There is no hidden agenda just skeptics that a site would do a service for free to the community without a hidden agenda. How many cheat site do you know allow another site to advertise on there site? No other site does this but we do!

But the fact of the matter is these guys with the blog really amount to a hater with nothing better to do than to spread lies and inuendo.

Thats it!

Nothing more or less.

Next time when you attempt to hack into someones site dont do it from Portlane Network. Its a dead give away!

Is It about time for a new COD Game Engine?

It’s been a long, long time since 2005 hasn’t it? Call of Duty 2 cheats came out then and he we are in 2012 with Modern Warfare 3 cheats. Still running that same engine, just with little updates. I am no Call of Duty hater by any means. I believe the developers at Infinity Ward and Treyarch know how to make the perfect multiplayer game, albeit one with an addictive sales point. However, these games have been growing and growing in popularity since the release of Call of Duty 2, and what has Activison done to help improve the game? Hmm, nothing.

Here we are in 2012 and there’s still plenty missing from the Call of Duty series cheats. We still have no dedicated servers, even though we shell out $60 or more depending on which version of the game you buy. Plus another $60 per year for extra DLC and yet, what have the Call of Duty MW3 hacks fans been rewarded with? Nothing. Activision, it’s time for you to step up and make Call of Duty the game it should be. I think any Call of Duty fan who is reading this article would without a doubt agree that it is past due time for an updated engine, dedicated servers and maybe just a little bit of appreciation from Activision for increasing their profits each year.

If the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 cheats rumors are true, I think we can all expect a firestorm of fanboy wars and people saying “oh great, another copy and paste effort.” Each year I hear plenty of people online and offline saying they won’t be purchasing the next Call of Duty Black Ops cheats because it’s the same thing all over again and end up buying it anyways. I felt cheated as a Call of Duty player from the moment I put MW3 in and started playing online. Jump back into MW2 or MW for a few minutes and see how many major differences you can see, besides a few little game changers and upgrades here and there. Forecasters said Black Ops cheats wouldn’t sell as well as Mw2 cheats and it out did that in it’s first week, same as MW3 with Black Ops. I have no doubt the next Call of Duty Black Ops 2 hacks will surpass Mw3 cheats sales as well, and I think we can all bet on seeing the same game once more. Maybe they’ll prove me wrong this year though. It’s all up to the players in the end though if they want a better game.