Aimjunkies Free2Play Special


To celebrate July and the coming months, Aimjunkies is having a Free2Pwn Special, where we will offer you all of our cheats for free games for an extremely discounted price! For just 15.95$, you will receive every Free2Play cheat we offer! That's over 60$ USD you are saving!

Games We Offer

Like previously stated, we offer every Free-2-Play cheat that we support. Here is the full list of the Free2Play games we currently have available:

That's 9 Fully-Loaded VIP cheats! You will not find a better deal for exclusive, undetected cheats anywhere else on the Web!


Each hack is top-of-the-line, with no features left out! You will get the best that we offer, and that is saying a lot. Each hack will be coded with different features according to the game-play of the game, but here are some common features that we offer:
  • Aimbot - Our Aimbots include features such as Silent Aim, Auto-Fire, Aim Angle, Aim Points or Bone Scan, Aim Key, Prediction, Visibility Checks, Stick to Target, and tons more!
  • No Recoil - Your Gun will never kick up or move around!
  • No Spread - Your bullets will always go in a straight line to wherever you are pointing!
  • ESP - We offer tons of features for ESP such as 3D Boxes, Names, Distance, Weapons, Lines, Healthbars and tons more!
    • We also offer 2D ESP such as a Radar with Dots to locate Enemies, Friendlies, and Vehicles!
  • Warning System - Our State-Of-The-Art Warning System will warn you when enemies can see you, if they are aiming at you, what angle they are aiming at you, and a max distance.
  • Custom Menu - Our Menus are personally made by our coders and allow you to set Hotkeys, Move your Radar and Menu, and Save/Load configurations so you can start raging right as you get in-game!
  • Other Features - We offer other miscellaneous features such as Crosshair (Multiple types to choose from), Crosshair Size, FPS, Time, Panic Keys, Watermarks, Resolution and many more!
  • Anti-Cheat Secure - No cheat is fully undetectable, but ours have an extremely low detection rate, allowing you to use as much as you desire without having the nasty effects from Anti-Cheat's such as Punkbuster, VAC and GameGuard.


We have many videos of our cheats in action! Just check them out at some of our YouTube pages, such as here and here.


These are taken directly in-game whilst using our hacks!

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