Aimjunkies Battlefield 4 Hack

Battlefield 4 Hack

Aimjunkies is in progress of developing a fully-featured multi cheat and hack for Battlefield 4. Our hack will be loaded to the max with everything you can think of, from aimbots and radars, to ESP's and boxes!

Battlefield 4 is being developed by EA's Dice and produced by EA and Sega. The game could be released as early as Fall of 2013! Our hack will be ready on release date, so you can jump right in and shoot straight to the top of the leaderboards! Literally!

Remember to check our forums daily to check the status of our BF4 Cheat. Information is released as soon as possible as we don't want to keep you waiting in longer then is needed!

Here is some information about out BF4 Hack.


Game Engine:
- Frostbite 3 Engine
Game Version:
- Latest Version
- In-Development
- Sequence

Operating systems:

Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8

- 1 month for $15.95 US

- No Spread
- No Shake
- Auto Fire
- Auto Switch
- Visibility Checks
- Auto Fire
- Aim Key
- Prediction Multiplier
- Shot Delay
- FOV Limit
- Bone Scan
- Aim Bone (Head, Neck, Chest, Groin, Left Arm, Right Arm, Left Leg, Right Leg.)

2D Radar:
-Enable Radar
-Draw Friends
-Draw Scanline

3D Radar:
- Name Esp
- Distance Esp
- Health Esp
- Bounding Boxes
- Visibility Checks
- Skeleton Bones
- Snap Lines
- Only Draw Visual Snap Lines
- Draw Friendly Players
- Sphere esp(Grenade, Bullets, Claymores)

- Crosshair
- Friends List
- Enemy Behind Warnings
- Enemy Visible Warnings
- Behind Distance

- Punkbuster Undetected
- PBSS Protection
- Secure Hack Streaming System

Screenshots and Videos:
Comming soon!