Battlefield 4 Hack Level 1

Short on cash, but still need that extra advantage? Well, your in luck because we have something just for you! Aimjunkies is proud to bring to you our Level 1 Battlefield 4 Hack Package! With our first Battlefield 4 Hack Package, you will still rock the Leaderboards and look legit doing it! Come over to Aimjunkies for the best Battlefield 4 hacks and cheats for the lowest price, and highest quality on the web! Join your junkie brothers on the field of battlefield this week, as our BF4 Hack will be available on Day One of release. Just as soon as you can install the game, we will have a hack ready for you to use. Wow all players in the lobby by going 100-0 in the first game you play!

Our Battlefield 4 Aimbot will be available to PC users only! Sorry Xbox 360 and PS3 users!


Game Engine:
- Frostbite 3 Engine
Game Version:
- Latest Version
- Click Here
- Sycore

Operating systems:

We will be supporting all versions of Windows that you can play Battlefield 4 on. This means we will support Windows 7 and Windows 8


- 1 month $10.95 USD
- 3 month $20.95 USD


2D Map:
- name esp
- distance esp Locations
- health esp
- box esp
- bone esp
- vehicle name esp
- vehicle box esp
- vehicle distance esp
- norecoil
- nospread
- 2d radar
- crosshair
- customizable menu
- clean punkbuster screenshots
- punkbuster undetected

More features will be added once game is released, such as BF4 Aimbot and BF4 ESP!


- FairFight

- PunkBuster

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