Aimjunkies Call of Duty Ghosts Level 2 Hack

Aimjunkies has just made an addition to their Call of Duty Ghosts Hack! They have added a Level 2 Bracket to their COD Ghosts Cheat! This bracket incorporates our most devastating feature: the COD Ghosts Aimbot. Not the type of person who plays it under the radar? Level 1 not really for you? All is well. We support all your raging needs! With our Ghosts Aimbot you will never be angry in-game again. Your friends will watch in awe as you rank up faster then anybody!

Game Engine:
- IW engine
Game Version:
- Latest Version
- Click Here
- Enigma

Operating systems:
Aimjunkies proudly supports all modern Windows OS's! If COD Ghosts supports its, we support it. The list of supported operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and even the newer Windows 8.

Level 2 Cheat Feats

- 1 month $15.95 USD

Auto Aim
Primary Bone (Configurable)
Bone Scan
Stick to Target
Aim Style (Configurable)
Aim Angle (Configurable)
Aim Speed (Configurable)
Limit Distance (Configurable)
Aim Key (Configurable)

Auto Fire
Auto Zoom
Auto Knife

Show Enemy (Customizable Hidden/Visible Colors)
Show Friendly (Customizable Hidden/Visible Colors)
Player 3D Radar
Name Tags
Weapon Tags
Distance Tags
2D Boxes
Pickup 3D Radar (Customizable Color)
Explosive 3D Radar (Customizable Color)
Player 2D Radar
Show Window
Radar Size
Radar Scale

Remove Recoil
Remove Flash

Movable Menu
Movable Radar
Auto Save


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