Aimjunkies Plants vs Zombies Hack

"Nothing sweeter than the cries of a console gamer after you destroy him."

Aimjunkies brings to you a brand new Plants vs Zombies Hack! Get insane amounts of gold and experience, and unlock all types of skins! Our Plants vs Zombies Aimbot is top notch, one you will find nowhere else. Not only is our aimbot spot on, but it also incorporates a 1-hit kill, if you wish to use it. You can decimate an entire enemy team within seconds, securing victory for yourself, and your team!

 There is also a great side effect of using our cheat! Since Plants vs Zombies is cross-platform, you can use our Aimbot and Wallhack against Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users! Those of us who own consoles know better then anyone else how intense people with consoles get when voicing their anger opinion.
 Nothing sweeter than the cries of a console gamer after you destroy him. Especially if you are blatantly cheating.


Game Engine:
- Frostbite 3
Game Version:
- Latest Version
- Click Here
- Syc0re


- $10.95 - 1 Month



- Aimbot
- 1 Shot Kill
- No spread
- No Recoil
- Aim FOV (Field of view)
- Instant Kill
- Custom Aimspot


- Name
- Distance
- Box
- Snaplines
- Character Type
- Health
- Weapon

2D Radar


- Crosshair
- Customizable Menu
- Customizable ESP Color
- Save Settings
- Enemy Warning


- FairFight