Aimjunkies Orion: Prelude Hack

Aimjunkies is proud to announce the release of its newest piece of software: an Orion: Prelude Hack. Coded by Sycore, this cheat really pulls out all the stops. Fitted with an Orion: Prelude Aimbot and equipped with a visual ESP, this hack will make you a near indestructible force on the battlefield. 

For all you rage-hackers out there, we also attached a name changer to the Orion: Prelude Cheat. This allows you to steal the names of actual players in your game. Doing this will make it very difficult for admins to remove you from their servers, giving you maximum hacking potential! 

Coupled together with other features such as wireframe, no recoil and no spread, enemy warnings and a crosshair, you will be an unstoppable force. Your enemies will flee in terror!


- 1 month - $7.95 Limited Time Only

Orion: Prelude Cheat feature list:


- Aimbot - COMING SOON!!!!
- No Recoil
- No Spread


- Name ESP
- Distance ESP
- Box ESP
- Health ESP
- Head ESP
- Wallhack
- Snap Lines
- Sphere ESP
- Projectile ESP


- Enemy Warning
- No Sway
- Name Changer
- Crosshair
- Wireframe