Aimjunkies ARK: Survival Evolved Hack

     My sincerest apologies for such a long hiatus in news and posting for Aimjunkies! Rest assured, however, I come baring gifts! Aimjunkies is gearing up for a long awaited addition of a new hack into our library. We are pleased to announce an ARK: Survival Evolved hack just for you! This hack will be loaded, ready-to-go to help you (in)dominate the playing island with our feature-rich, VIP cheat. Special features will include a monster and player ESP, allowing you to see where the enemies (or friends) are, even half-way across the island! We will be including an item ESP as well, to help you get the materials you need as fast as possible.

     This is all I have for you today. Remember to visit for more news, information, undetected cheats and awesome deals! For a full list of currently planned features, please reference the list below.

Game Engine:
- Unreal Engine 4
Game Version:
- Latest Version
- Pending Release

Operating systems:
Windows 8.1
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP

- 1 month $14.95 USD

Features: -- Subject to change
- Configurable Player ESP Range
- Player Tags (Name, Health, Distance, Level, Gender)
- Show Tribe
- Show Sleeping
- Configurable Trbe Color
- Configurable Sleeping Color
- Configurable Color
- Configurable Dino ESP Range
- Dino Tags (Type, Nickname, Level, Distance)
- Show Tamed
- Show Friendly
- Show Wild
- Configurable Wild Color
- Configurable Tamed Color
- Configurable Friendly Color
- Show Underwater Dinos
- Show Underground Dinos
- Item ESP
- Configurable Item ESP Range
- Configurable Item Color
- Black Bordered Font